MINISIS Inc. Services

MINISIS Inc. provides a wide range of services, taking advantage of the latest developments in service delivery with respect to:

Systems Development

MINISIS Inc. provides total system development life-cycle (SDLC) services. That is, we can analyze, design, and develop any application from scratch to service your business requirements. Our software engineers and application specialists are able to take your IM/IT requirements and via our Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology prototype a solution in record time.

Web Enabling and Web Hosting

MINISIS Inc. provides not only a web interface add-on product (MWI), but we also are available to take care of your website design and web databases, as well as providing 24/7 online web access to these databases. This service enables clients to relax and marvel as their data is miraculously available on the Internet. Furthermore, it frees the client of any firewall, security, or administrative burdens, while reducing costs for online public access.


MINISIS inc. provides complete training services for all of our applications and technological products. Training solutions are personalized to every client's needs, wants, and desires, and the results are always above expectations.

Technical Support & Maintenance (TS&M)

MINISIS Inc. has a proven support model and currently our organization has support and maintenance service contracts from over 60 countries. We are able to support any client anywhere in the world. With our three office locations currently we are able to provide support 21 hours a day. We support all aspects and components of the MINISIS Software Suite.


As part of any good software development house, all of our staff have keen analytical and sharp skills to accurately work with any client to help, or define their requirements, needs and realities.


Our senior staff's experience, solid analysis, and documentation skills allow them to conduct numerous feasibility and CBAs for clients. We can review your requirements and demonstrate the costs or feasibility of any development or software solution initiative your organization is contemplating.


Under the guidance of the MINISIS Inc. CEO, we have conducted numerous re-engineering initiatives and worked with clients implementing new change and alternative service deliveries. MINISIS Inc. does have a methodology for these activities and often integrate the basics of ASD, BPR, and change management as part of any stem to stern systems development.