Is MINISIS a technology, routine/sub program, or a DBMS?

MINISIS is an Object-relational database management system . It is a hybrid DBMS that is designed for end user usage to build, change, and maintain databases. MINISIS Inc. has utilised the ORDBMS to create several predefined (COTS) applications for niche industries such as museums, archives, and libraries.

How did the name MINISIS come to be?

Well there are two answers to this question:

1) ISIS was one of the first database management systems that ran on a mainframe computer. We ported the code to run on the HP3000 “Mini computer” that HP built to allow for more affordable “server” based solutions in the 1970s. Hence, MINI-ISIS or, “MINISIS” (one “i” in the middle). The child of ISIS.

2) Serendipitously, MIN is king of the Egyptian Mythology and ISIS is queen. Hence, “MINISIS”. MINISIS was the first multilingual DBMS able to handle Arabic (and Chinese) and our first client was in the Middle East. So you can see the fit.

We never changed the name when we ported our code to the micro/pc/Unix world as “Micro-ISIS” sounded too much like an ailment and we already had thousands of users using “MINISIS”.

Ps. Who was the first client of MINISIS? Answer: CND du Maroc.

Who owns MINISIS?

MINISIS is owned by two private shareholders committed to social entrepreneurialism.

Is MINISIS based on SQL?

No — MINISIS can run on SQL via its “Miracle” SQL integration tool.

How many users of MINISIS are there?

Given MINISIS was one of the world's first freeware and open source software products, it is difficult to know for certain the number of users. However, when divested from IDRC, the client list represented an estimated 10,000 users.

When was MINISIS created?

The MINISIS database management system was created in 1972 originally.