MINISIS Management for Museums

M3 is one of the world’s top collections management systems. It has been accredited three times by the CHIN Collections Software Review and is consistently ranked in the top 5 worldwide.

Officially released in 1994, M3 was developed with the participation of experts from the museums/gallery community to meet the needs of small, medium-sized, and large cultural institutions.

M3 is an ideal tool for users to enter, import/export, and manage collections data in an organized, easily manipulated, and flexible fashion.

The M3 application was built to meet the general requirements of most cultural institutions. Its initial design was based on information received from strategic partners during the development process and it is continually updated with every new installation. Given more than 5000 pre-defined fields dealing with all aspects of collection and exhibition management, only slight customization of the system is required to fulfill the most particular of needs. Customization can be facilitated with the help of MINISIS Inc. professionals or, thanks to the simplicity of the system, done by the client alone, thus avoiding both the initial premium attached to a fully tailored system, and further costs for outside technical staff.

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