The Team

North America

Richard Lee — Chief Architect


Richard Lee is one of two principals behind MINISIS Inc. He is the chief architect, and he is primarily responsible for the principle development of the MINISIS database core and related products. He has been involved with MINISIS for over 20 years and is the chief visionary for our entire product line. Richard is fluent in most IT development initiatives and it is through his eyes and expertise that MINISIS and all of its products continue to grow and advance.

Christopher Burcsik — CEO


Christopher Burcsik is the principal owner of MINISIS Inc. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Vice-President of Marketing. Christopher has been involved in the IT industry for over 15 years and possess a wealth of experience in BPR, Change Management, and IM/IT solutions. Christopher has been integral in market research and determining new avenues and products to add to the MINISIS software suite. He is active in pursuing new products, new clients, servicing existing clients, and developing new alliances. As a University of Waterloo graduate, he has been involved with countless IT initiatives in Canada and abroad for over 50 clients in the last decade alone. Christopher, despite serving as the CEO, has a hands-on approach to every client and often serves as the Project Manager and Principal in Charge, as well as participating in the analysis, design, and implementation phases of our solutions.

Mary Campbell — Software Specialist


Mary Campbell is one of our senior applications technologists and has 20 years of expertise with the MINISIS product line. Mary is our web integration expert and has been instrumental in the development and deployment of our M2A (MINISIS Management for Archives) alliance with the Province of Ontario Archives and many other major clients. Mary is able to take charge, work with the client and get the job done. She is a MINISIS expert and a key component of our senior staff compliment.

May Ko — Software Specialist


May Ko is a senior manager with over 15 years IT experience and is the creator of M2L (MINISIS Management for Libraries). May has developed a keen bibliographic expertise and has been instrumental in the implementation of M2L at several client sites including: IDRC library, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, the Archives of Ontario, the Downs Syndrome Research Foundation, and the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. May is also the principal developer of STEMMA (our multilingual terminology management system). She possesses a wealth of related skills from programming to documentation.

Karen Nishimura — Software Specialist


Karen Nishimura joined the company in April 2003 and has become our leading applications resource on M3 (MINISIS Management for Museums). She has worked extensively with clients like the Royal British Columbia Museum, the City of Ottawa, and The Historic New Orleans Collection.

Karl Walk — Software Specialist


Karl Walk has over 20 years of software development experience. For the last 10 years in particular, Karl has been developing applications involving the formatting and parsing of HtmL and XML documents. In addition, he also has experience with Internet applications involving remote editing of documents. Given this wealth of experience, Karl has added further knowledge and experience to the MINISIS Inc. team ensuring that we stay a leading force on web database technology.

Kyle Handsaeme — Software Specialist


Kyle Handsaeme has worked in various capacities at MINISIS Inc. for several years from client services and marketing, to application customisation and development on MINISIS applications. Kyle has worked with numerous clients from the regional municipality of Waterloo, THNOC, City of Toronto, and Beaton Institute, to newer clients such as CMHR and Otago University. Kyle is a graduate of Conestoga College in Kitchener-Waterloo and the fittest staff member in the office, although Titan can still out run him!

Lorna Nishimura — Office Manager / Marketing

Lorna Nishimura joined the company in 2010. She is responsible for all administrative functions including reception, customer inquiries, and bookkeeping. She is also the executive assistant to the CEO/Senior Management.

Chadley Parsons — Software Specialist


Chad Parsons has been working in IT services for over 16 years. He is responsible for the design of the latest MINISIS product for preserving your organization’s digital assets: the MINISIS Trusted Digital Repository. Chad is also proud to be involved with MINISIS’s work with the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Chad has a technical and humanities background: studying Engineering and also a Master’s researching the relationships between Technology and Social and Economic development.

Lila Smith — Graphic Design & Software Specialist


Lila Smith is our graphic and web design specialist and is responsible for new design initiatives both online and in print. Lila is also involved in various client projects, as well as new user interface design for our online and desktop applications. She joined the company in 2012, and has a background in Design and Cultural Studies with a degree in Humanities, and a Diploma in Publishing and Graphic Design.

Jesse Korndorfer — Software Specialist


Jesse is a graduate of Muskegon College in Michigan. Jesse has been testing and providing quality assurance assistance as well as working with clients such as the Adler Planetarium, and London Metropolitan Archives, as well as being involved in marketing and promoting MINISIS in the United States of America. Jesse has been attending numerous conferences and seminars and looks forward to helping MINISIS promulgate further in the USA.

Tamara Murray — Software Specialist

Tamara Murray joined the company in January 2015. She has over 15 years of experience working with various legal applications, primarily in the area of Aboriginal litigation and settlement. Tamara has extensive experience with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, as Archives Coordinator from 2011 to 2015, as well as with the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation at the University of Manitoba.

Aseem Vyas — Software Specialist


Aseem is a software developer who joined Minisis Inc. in 2015. Aseem has a Masters in Computer and Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa. He has also published research papers in the fields of crowd sourcing and image processing. Aseem has expertise in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, .NET and C#. He primarily works in web based projects and implements user interfaces for web applications (OPACS).

Mazen Popat — Software Specialist


Mazen Popat is a web and software specialist who joined MINISIS Inc. in 2015. He works primarily on web based projects as well as web applications for various MINISIS clients. Mazen is a graduate of the University Of Calgary and started pursuing programming after his graduation and continues to develop and refine his development skills.

Savio Resende — Software Specialist


Savio Resende is a Software Engineer who joined MINISIS Inc. in 2015. He works primarily on web infrastructure and on web based projects. Savio is a graduate of the Federal University of Goias (Brazil) and has a background in government critical level applications. With a passion for programming, web standards, patterns, and software quality, he is dedicated to help the development team achieve its maximum potential.

David Deng — Software Specialist


David Deng is a Software Specialist who joined MINISIS Inc. in 2017. He implements user interfaces for our applications (OPACS), and works on other web based projects. David has a Masters of Computer Engineering and has experience in algorithm design, optimization, and machine learning. He also has experience with the e-learning industry and the gaming industry.

Molly Handsaeme — Corporate Relations


Molly joined MINISIS in 2017 as our Corporate Relations Specialist. She assists with marketing MINISIS products at the many conferences we attend for museums, archives, and libraries. Molly also helps facilitate Q&A sessions with clients to get feedback on new ideas and initiatives for our products. She has experience in marketing and community engagement as well as in problem resolution through her previous work with advocacy groups.

Titan — Director of Goodwill and Corporate Security


Titan joined the MINISIS family in 2015 as our new Director of Goodwill and Corporate Security. He keeps stress in the office to a minimum with his negotiation tactics attained at obedience school. He is a dog biscuit connoisseur, extremely athletic, and a vital link in the MINISIS 'chain'. Titan keeps people on schedule with his afternoon four corners ball games, his office patrols, and big sloppy wet kisses.

MENA Region

Foued Gardelli — Supervisor of MENA Operations


Born in Monastir (Tunisia) in 1958, Foued Gardelli is a qualified computer engineer (system analysis). He is currently the manager of the MINISIS Inc. office in Tunisia and MINISIS Inc. Supervisor for Arab countries and North Africa. Foued has more than 28 years of experience. During the past several years, Foued worked as an expert/consultant, developer, and training officer for a number of international, regional, pan Arab and Tunisian organizations (the UN, the Arab League, ALDOC, ALECSO, FAO, WIPÖ, IDRC, WHO, CBT, MJT, BID, EMRO, INNORPI, STUSID, CMAJ, ISM, OPAT, VIVENDI UNIVERSAL, etc.).

Anouar Trigui — Software Engineer


Anouar Trigui is a Software Engineer (Master thesis presented at the university of Kiel in Germany). He worked for one year as an assistant teacher at the University of Stuttgart. Anouar has over 14 years' experience in Software design and development, project management, and auditing of information systems for several specialty trades including hotel management. With Minisis Inc. he has expanded his expertise to auditing, design, and implementation of library information systems. Anouar has managed and/or participated in the majority of projects coming from the MENA office and the MENA region. He also worked in France with projects from the Vancouver office. He is skilled in SMA, scripting, M2L, M3, M2A, and MWI. He also has a good knowledge of technical languages VB, C#, .Net, ASP, PHP, Java, XML, as well as other technologies.

Sahbi Dorgham — Software Engineer


Sahbi Dorgham graduated from the Tunis Higher Institute of Documentation in documentation, libraries, and archives management in 1998. Sahbi has more than 12 years of experience and is specialized in library information systems. His area of focus at MINISIS Inc. will be the development of applications, particularly with M2L, M3, and SMA. Before MINISIS, Sahbi worked for The Central Bank of Tunisia, the Centre for Arab and Mediterranean Music in Tunis, the Centre of Arab Women for Training and Research in Tunis, the Municipality of Greater Amman, and the Chamber of Advisor. He has also participated in training clients on MINISIS software.

Sofiene Mabrouk — Software Engineer


Sofiene Mabrouk is a computer Engineer (Information analysis and statistic) with over 2 years experience in Software design and development. He has experience with the development of MWI web interfaces and application scripts. He is also fluent in other technological languages such as ASP, PHP, MYSQL, Java-script, VBScript, and other web design tools like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash. At MINISIS, he specializes in the SMA, MWI, M3, and M2L.

Rihab Marzouki — Computer Technician


Rihab graduated from the Institute of Superior Multimedia Arts. She is an application developer and web designer with over 3 years' of experience. Rihab will be works with MINISIS SMA, M2L, and MWI. She has experience in developing dynamic websites with MWI and other web technologies such as ASP, PHP, MYSQL, Java-script, VBScript, and other web design tools like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash.

Mouna Klai — Computer Technician


Mouna Klai graduated from the institute of superior multimedia arts. She is an application developer and Web designer with over 3 years' of experience. With MINISIS, Klai has specialized in SMA, M2L, and MWI. She has experience in developing dynamic websites with MWI and other web technologies such as ASP, PHP, MYSQL, Java-script, VBScript, and other web design tools like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash. Her area of focus at MINISIS Inc. will be updating websites (,, and, and developing the Maroc Telecom application.

Raja Ben Ameur — Administrative Assistant


Raja BEN AMEUR graduated from the vocational training center PSCHamman-Lif in Tunis, with a diploma in accounting in 1996. She is responsible for the administrative functions in the MENA office.