A practical, easy to use, and multi-faceted application. MINT will allow your organization to house all of its assets under one roof.

M3 is one of the world's top cultural asset management applications. Built for all types of museums, galleries, and collections.

Integrated accessions and multi-level description application with modules to manage all aspects of archives.

Integrated Library System including modules for acquisitions, catalogue, serials, circulation, and OPAC (Online Public Access).

A complete digital asset management application to ingest, preserve, convert, and access digital products.

Your Total Database Management Solution

As a leader in database management for over 40 years, we have the expertise to securely manage your collection for the long term. Whether you have archival, museum, or library holdings, or a combinations of all 3, we have a solution that will work for your unique needs.

Secure & Customizable

Unlike other solutions, all of our software runs on the MINISIS core database engine which uses a unique markup language. This keeps it safe from hackers targeting more common languages, and allows us to create custom solutions as required.

Cloud-based Hosting & Integrated Web Solutions

Share your collection with the world while keeping it secure & easy to manage. Our hosted solutions on the MS Azure Platform allow for redundant system availability without any need for local management. Enjoy the freedom to focus on your daily work activities and not IM/IT.

Full Design Services at an Affordable Price

We are familiar with guiding clients through the process of bringing a collection online for the first time as well as integrating a new collection into an existing website. Having both development and design services in-house allows us to keep costs low and deliver projects quickly.

Personal Help & Easy Tutorials

As a MINISIS client you will have access to our log in area where you can find video tutorials, industry resources, events, and a full client support system. This system allows you to easily contact us using our ticketing system and communicate with other clients as well.

Complete Software Suite

A diverse collection of software tools from the database layer to the web presentation layer to show off content found inside the database management system. The DBMS tool allows users to take advantage of the COTS (customizable off the shelf) applications to manage any type of record with specialized functionality for a wide variety of industries.

Sample of Collections Using MINISIS Software:

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News and Events

Check Out the Updated London Metropolitan Archives Online Catalogue

December 12, 2017

The LMA recently launched a new updated online catalogue with the help of the team here at MINISIS. It now has a more attractive and inspiring home page with improved accessibility to the collection's many records. Improvements were made to the search functionality as well, to help users more easily find results across multiple levels of hierarchy in the archives. Visit the site here to see more!

We Want to Hear from You!

December 6, 2017

MINISIS is looking for feedback on what to add to our 2018 work plan. If you are a current MINISIS user and would like to include your input, please download and fill out this form, save it, and send it back to us at info@minisisinc.com.

MINISIS Mini Gardens

August 15, 2017

As many people really enjoyed this year’s swag from conferences, we want to have a growing contest. Here is living proof that they work — check out Christopher’s garden growth after just 2 weeks of planting! How are yours doing? Share your pictures with us on Twitter @minisisinc or on Facebook. Will there be enough herbs to actually eat? Time will tell!

A Brand New Museum Is Coming to Ottawa!

June 14, 2017

The Bank of Canada Museum will open its doors to the public this upcoming Canada Day. On behalf of MINISIS Inc., our staff, and community, we wish the new museum great success in its future. A lot of hard work has gone in to prepare the exhibits, the artifacts, and data from MINISIS/M3 to support the documentation side. Again, good luck to the BoC Museum and what a great way to open on Canada’s Birthday. Our CEO had the opportunity to visit the Bank of Canada Museum staff in Ottawa recently.